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Landcare Research (Manaaki Whenua)


Crown research institute - working on land usage and resource management. Studies sustainability of land-use practices; documenting indigenous diversity and enhancing natural habitats; urban ecology and restoration projects; managing weeds, pests and biodiversity risks; maintaining the quality of soil, land, air and water resources; reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing carbon sinks.

Contact Details

Address: Gerald Street, Lincoln 7608

Region: Christchurch / Canterbury / Chatham Islands

Postal: P O Box 69040, Lincoln, Lincoln 7640

Phone: 03 321 9999

Fax: 03 321 9998



  • Dr. Richard Gordon (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Mr. Nigel Thomson (General Manager Corporate Services)
  • Mr. Phil Hart (General Manager Development)
  • Ms. Katrina Benedetti (General Manager People & Performance)


  • Ms. Victoria Taylor (Director)
  • Mr. Gavan Herlihy (Director)
  • Ms. Emily Parker (Director)
  • Mr. Christopher Downs (Director)
  • Steven Saunders (Director)
  • Paul Reynolds (Director)

Company Information

Employees: 251-500

Established: 1992



  • Landcare Research International Limited

  • Sirtrack Limited

Associated Companies:

  • Botrytis

  • Centox

  • Fertility Control Ltd

  • Marsupial CRC Ltd

  • Manaaki Whenua Press

ANZSIC Industry : M691 Scientific Research Services

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