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Milligans Food Group Ltd

Milligans Food Group is one of New Zealand's leading suppliers and manufacturers of food ingredients, consumer food products and animal nutrition products. Specialised food products are manufactured, blended and packed on-site then marketed across New Zealand, Australia, USA and Asia using the company.s product brands Specialty Cheeses, KiwiMass, Milligans Performance Proteins, Granny Faye.s, Frosty Boy, Eclipse, Milligans Eclipse, and Eclipse Dairy Products. Our products include Milk Powders, Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Butter, AMF, WPC, WPI, Ice Cream, Syrups, Flour, Bakery Products and Mayonnaise.

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

New Zealand Petfoods Ltd

Pet food manufacturer

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Makikihi Fries Ltd

Manufacturer of potatoes into frozen & chilled fries, also fresh peeled potatoes.

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Pure New Zealand Honey Ltd

Manufacturers and exporters of honey products

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Functional Whole Foods NZ Ltd

Manufacturer and specialist supplier of cold pressed flax seed oil and food products containing essential fatty acids, lignans, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and dietary fibre.

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Couplands Stockfeed Ltd

Stockfeed & pet food manufacturer.

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Heartland Potato Chips Ltd

Potato chips manufacturer.

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Waitaki Honey Company Ltd

Producer, supplier, and exporter of organic honey. Bio-Gro certified.

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine

Mighty Mix Dog Food

Pet foods manufacturer

Timaru / Oamaru / Geraldine